Early in 1991 a meeting took place in the North West of England to discuss the problem regarding the lack of Marshals at motorcycle race meetings in the Northwestern Centre. Present at that meeting were Terry and Gloria Spurr, Derek and Beryl Rigby, John Green, John Cain and Ron Pimblett.

The outcome of the meeting was that a club was formed under the name of Marshals North West. (There had previously been a marshals club in the northwest of England called Northwest Marshals, which had unfortunately ceased to be active and the change of name was to prevent confusion between the two clubs). The purpose of the club was to provide a central focal point for both Marshals and Motorcycle clubs that arranged competitive events in the northwest of England.

Terry Spurr took on the role of Chairman, ably assisted by his wife Gloria as the Secretary. The club was affiliated to the North Western Centre of the ACU and immediately started signing up members from the many active motorcycle roadrace marshals who frequented the Three Sisters Circuit near Wigan. The club was greeted with open arms by the many clubs within the North Western Centre, and also visiting clubs from out of centre, as it now gave them a valuable contact point for Marshals.

Marshals North West have marshalled at Road Race, Grass track, Motocross, Sprints, Supermoto and even a round of the World Trials contest which was held in the northwest of England. More recently some of our members have also branched out to cover both Cars and Karts.

In recent years Marshals North West have taken on the task of the organisation and running of the annual Hoghton Tower Sprint on behalf of the North Western Centre. This event was traditionally a VMCC event that was going to die due to a lack of organisational manpower, until Marshals North West stepped in.

Over the years Marshals North West have purchased all the equipment required to stage a race meeting i.e. Two way Radios, Flags, Fire Extinguishers, Brushes, Shovels, Oil sponge, Cement dust etc.

Since its inception the following have freely given their time and energy to ensure the smooth running and continuity of Marshals North West,

Chairmen: Terry Spurr, Ron Pimblett, Derek Rigby, John Cain, Dave Mellor, Bob Livesey, Haydn Williams.

Secretaries: Gloria Spurr, Beryl Rigby, Terri Mellor, Angela Carr, Donna Jeffries, Rob Oates, John Cain, David Lawton, Barrie Tait.