The ACU has now expanded its online licencing system to allow Road Racers to apply for their competition licences online.

Marshals North West has been issued with a series of Unique Codes so that riders who wish to compete in the Hoghton Tower Sprint (or any other road race event) but are not members of any other club can apply for a competition licence through us.

We  will provide a Unique Code for each applicant, and this number will be required to be input as part of the licence application procedure, which can be done online. If riders prefer to complete their licence application forms in the traditional hand-written way, they will still be able to do so, although the Unique Code will have to be inserted on the application form.

To get your Unique Code contact our Secretary (see Contacts section above) for a membership application form to join Marshals North West (cost of all of £2 a year if you have an  email address).